The Mundi Club is a global network of more than 700 members in 55 cities worldwide, of senior Spanish diaspora Executives and foreigners linked to Spain and Latin America. The Club seeks to connect business, entrepreneurial, scientific and artistic talents.

The Club´s board is comprised of 12 members that belong to global boards of companies like Merck, Havas, PepsiCo; and/or which were c-level executives of Bertelsmann, Carrefour, or Nestlé. Club members are in the Executive Committees of big corporations such as Nokia, Société Générale, or HP, among others.

The Club network brings value to our startups "Due Diligence" processes, and also in the support and acceleration phase of its growth, opening doors to new customers and new markets. The members of the Club are committed to support entrepreneurs of the Spanish diaspora.


Foro Club Mundi is the main annual gathering of Mundi Club members. Its latest meeting was held in July 2016 in San Sebastian, with more than 200 participants from all over the world. The 2017 edition was held in Malaga, with more than 170 attendees.

The Forum is organized in panels where a variety of hot topics are discussed and unique life experiences are shared. The discussions are informal and only with invite. The main goal of the event is to facilitate connections among Club members and share ideas about how to make Spain a more modern, entrepreneurial and innovative country.


Foro 2016
Foro 2017